江奈 さやか / 現代美術家

2016年 パンクをテーマに、SHUHALLY庵主の松村宗亮さんを招き、「パンクな茶会」をディレクション。
2017年3月 個展「THE FIVE SENSES 」にて、アーカイブ作品と五感をテーマに体感する展示を開催。
2017年7月 成城石井(Le Bar aVin52 AZABU TOKYO)にて3月に発表した、バラのライトのワークショップ講師を務める。
2017年9月 Akinobu Aokiと2人展「Depaysements」にて、「MY WEEK」と題し、とある7日間にスポットを当てた新作コラージュ作品を発表。
2017年11月 BRICK&MORTARの「ZINE SONIC」にて、初のZINE「ME.」を発表。
2018年4月 BRICK&MORTAR「グループ展」にてゴミを題材にした「はたして、終わりなのか」を発表。
2018年9月 初の単独展【KNOWN】を開催。立体物、フォトフィルムコラージュ、音、映像の 4 種類のインスタレーションを発表。
2019年5月 表参道ROCKET開催のマグネットがテーマのグループ展「60組のクリエイターによるアートなマグネット展『HAPPY MAGNET TO YOU!!』」にて、『NOT DECIDUOUS』と題し立体マグネットを発表。


After graduating from high school where she majored in art, she started to develop oil paintings, acrylic paintings, collages, stereolithography, photography, videos, sounds and installations to express herself as a contemporary artist.
She takes various expressions and techniques to create her artwork without any stereotypes.

In December 2016, she directed "punk tea ceremony" with Mr. Muneaki Matsumura, the tea master of SHUHALLY .
In March 2017, her solo exhibition "THE FIVE SENSES" was held, her new works under the theme of “Feeling the five senses"
and her rchive works were shown.
In July 2017, she lectured at the workshop “Light of Rose”, held at Seijo Ishii (Le Bar a Vin 52 AZABU TOKYO). 
In September 2017, the joint exhibition "Depaysements" with Akinobu Aoki was held.  They presented new collage works named “MY WEEK”. 
In October 2017 she participated at "THE TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR" .
In November 2017 she participated  "ZINE SONIC” organized by BRICK & MORTAR for the first time and presented artwork “ME."
In April 2018, she presented the artwork using trash called “IS IT REALLY THE END” at group exhibition held in BRICK & MORTAR.
In September 2018, the first solo exhibition as a contemporary artist "KNOWN" was held. Announced installation made out with three-dimensional object, photo film collage, sound, and a film.
In May 2019, Joined a group exhibition of "HAPPY MAGNET TO YOU!!" held at OMOTESANDO ROCKET. This is the exhibition of original artistic magnets created by 60 different creators. Sayaka Ena published her 3D magnet named "NOT DECIDUOUS"